Kajabi Banner Size


When it comes to banner design, there are many different factors to consider, but one of the most important is banner size. The size of a banner can significantly affect the visual appeal and effectiveness of the banner, as well as its engagement with viewers. Kajabi, a powerful online business platform, offers several standard banner sizes that can be used to create banners that are eye-catching and communicate the desired message. In this article, we’ll discuss the different banner sizes available in Kajabi and the elements to consider when selecting the right size for your banner.



Understanding Banner Importance

Explain how banners set the tone for your website or content.

Banners play an important role in setting the tone of your website or content. A well-designed banner can create an engaging first impression and capture user attention, allowing visitors to gain an understanding of what your website or content is about. In addition, banners can convey your messaging and brand identity, helping to create a consistent experience for your users.

Discuss the impact of well-designed banners on user interest.

Well-designed banners can have a significant impact on user interest and engagement. They can be used to capture users’ attention, prompt them to take action, or provide a visual representation of the content they will find on the page. For instance, by adding an informative and attractive banner to a landing page, you can guide users more effectively through the journey. Additionally, using high-quality visuals and clear messaging can help to reinforce your brand identity and create a cohesive experience for users.


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Banner Types in Kajabi

Introduce the different types of banners used within Kajabi.

Kajabi is a powerful platform that allows users to create and manage websites and online courses with ease. One of the features of Kajabi is its selection of banner types. In Kajabi, users have access to various banner sizes, each designed for different use cases. The most commonly used banners are the full-width banner, the two-thirds banner, and the half-width banner. The full-width banner is the largest banner type and is suitable for high-impact visuals, while the two-thirds and half-width banners are better suited for less prominent visuals.

Highlight scenarios where banners are commonly used.

The full-width banner is the most commonly used banner type in Kajabi due to its impressive display capabilities and ability to fill the entire page. This banner type is often seen on landing pages and other important pages as it allows for maximum visibility. The two-thirds banner is a popular choice for product pages and other content-rich pages, as it can be used to feature multiple visuals on the same page. Finally, the half-width banner is often utilized on blog posts or other text-heavy pages, as it allows for a small visual without taking up too much space.


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Recommended Banner Sizes

Provide pixel dimensions for different banner types: homepage, course pages, etc.

When it comes to banner sizes, Kajabi has specific recommended dimensions to ensure that banners look their best when displayed on the homepage, course pages, member’s area, and other locations. For homepage banners, Kajabi recommends using a 16:9 aspect ratio with a minimum size of 1200x675px. For course page banners, the recommended dimensions are 1200x675px or 1600x900px with a 16:9 aspect ratio. For banners used in the member’s area, Kajabi recommends a size of 600x600px with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Discuss the importance of adhering to these dimensions for optimal display.

Adhering to the recommended dimensions for banners is important for ensuring an optimal display. Using banners of the wrong size or aspect ratio can result in display issues such as poor image quality and incorrect sizing, which can detract from the overall user experience. Additionally, using banners of the recommended dimensions can help ensure that banners are clearly visible and that they do not interfere with or disrupt the user’s navigation of the page.


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Responsive Design and Banners:

When selecting a banner size for a website built with Kajabi, it is important to pick one that is responsive and adapts well to different devices. Choosing a banner size that is too small or too large for a particular device can lead to distorted images, poor readability, and even a degraded user experience. In order to provide an optimal experience for all users, web designers should select banner sizes that are appropriate for both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, they should also consider how the banner will look when viewed in both portrait and landscape orientations. By taking these factors into account, they can ensure that their banners maintain their aesthetics and readability across all devices.


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Banner Image Optimization

Address the need to optimize banner images for faster loading.

Optimizing the size of banner images is an important part of providing an enjoyable user experience on Kajabi. By reducing the file size of the image, the loading time for the page will be significantly decreased, ensuring that visitors to the site can quickly access the content they need. Additionally, reducing the image size can also help to maintain the quality of the image, as enlarging a small, low-resolution image can result in a pixelated, distorted image.

Highlight tools and techniques for optimizing banner image file sizes.

There are a number of tools available to optimize banner images for Kajabi, such as image optimizers and compression tools. These tools can help to reduce the file size of an image without compromising its quality. Additionally, understanding the file types from which banner images are supported can help to ensure that the file size stays as small as possible. On Kajabi, the recommended file type for banner images is JPEG (.jpg). It is also important to keep in mind the recommended size for a banner image on Kajabi, which is 1200×900 pixels. By following these guidelines, banner images can be optimized for faster loading times and improved user experience.


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Uploading and Applying Banners

Explain the process of uploading and applying banners in Kajabi.

When it comes to uploading and applying banners in Kajabi, the process is relatively simple and straightforward. First, users need to access the Design Studio and select the “Banners” tab. Then, they can upload a new banner image from their computer or choose an existing image from their Kajabi file library. Once the image is uploaded, users can customize the text and adjust the size of the banner to fit the desired location. Finally, the banner can be applied to any page within the Kajabi site, such as the home page or a blog post.

Walk through the steps of inserting banners in relevant sections.

To insert a banner in a specific section, users first need to access the Design Studio and select the “Banners” tab. Once there, they can upload an image that fits the size and format of the desired section. For example, if the user wants to insert a banner in the header section, they will need to ensure the size and format of the image fit the header dimensions.

Next, users can customize the text and adjust the size of the banner to fit the desired location. Finally, they can click on the “Apply” button to insert the banner into the desired section. They can also choose to apply the banner to all pages or to a specific page. With these steps, users can easily insert banners into their Kajabi site.


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Previewing and Testing

Emphasize the need to preview banners on different devices.

When designing banners for Kajabi, it is important to remember that they will be viewed on multiple devices and browsers. To ensure that your banners are optimized for all platforms, it is essential to preview them in multiple browsers and on multiple devices. This will help you ensure that the banners look as intended across devices and that all functionality such as animations and imagery, is working correctly.

Discuss the value of testing loading times and visual impact.

In addition to previewing banners on different devices, it is important to test the loading times and visual impact of your banners. The goal of a banner is to capture your audience’s attention and draw them to your site, and this requires not only a visually appealing banner but also one that loads quickly and efficiently. As such, it is important to test the loading times and visual impact of your banners on various browsers and devices to ensure they are optimized for the best user experience.


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Consistency and Branding

Discuss the importance of maintaining consistent banner aesthetics.

When it comes to creating online content, banners are an important element that needs to be considered. Not only do banners draw the attention of viewers, but they also communicate your brand identity and need to be tailored carefully to reflect the essence of your content. It is important to ensure that your banners are consistent, both in terms of their design and size. This is especially true for Kajabi, which has specific requirements for banner sizes. Keeping all banners the same size helps to maintain a cohesive look across your content, making it easier for viewers to recognize your brand and build trust.

Highlight the role of banners in reflecting your brand identity.

In addition to promoting consistency, properly sized and well-designed banners play a crucial role in reflecting your brand identity. While it is important to consider the aesthetics of your banners, you also need to keep in mind the message that you are trying to convey. A tastefully designed banner with relevant imagery and text can go a long way in helping to establish your brand’s identity and capture the attention of viewers. Furthermore, using a consistent banner size across all your Kajabi content helps to create a unified look, reinforcing your brand’s identity in the minds of viewers.


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When creating a banner in Kajabi, there are several important considerations for selecting the right size. The aspect ratio of the banner should be kept in mind to ensure that the image is clear and impactful. Additionally, the banner size should be optimized for mobile and desktop devices to ensure it is displayed properly across all platforms. The banner size should also be integrated with the branding of the company to ensure the visuals are consistent with the overall aesthetics and message of the business.

Banners can be a powerful visual tool to help businesses establish an online presence. When used properly, banners can be used to draw attention to key elements of a website, such as products, services, or events. Additionally, banners can create a memorable and captivating visual experience that will encourage users to engage with the content. For these reasons, businesses should leverage banners as an effective visual strategy for boosting online engagement.

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